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Programme Summary – The Sanha Programme

Mar 28, 2017

Radio Islam Programming – 28 March 2017

The Sanha Programme takes place on Monday evenings from 7:30 to 8pm. The programme aims to inform the public regarding the Halaal status of various products in accordance to standards of the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA). Moulana Ml Bilal Nicholson, a representative of SANHA, joins the presenter and answers the listener’s queries.

The programme is really informative as the Halaal status of various products and franchise groups are clarified. Besides this, at times, certain critical issues and misunderstandings in the Halaal food industry are also explained by the SANHA representative.

The lines are open during the programme and there is a Whatsapp line and SMS line available for the listeners. Listeners of all age groups, including children, call in to the programme. The contact details to send in queries during the programme are 011 854 1548 (phone-in), 072 786 1548 (Whatsapp) and 48855 (SMS).

SANHA states on it’s website…

“SANHA has been established as a representative authority, which promotes professionalism and excellence in the certification of Halaal food and other related products.”

Mufti Moosagie, a presenter on Radio Islam, who has hosted the programme many times said…

“Alhamdhulillah, the SANHA programme has created awareness regarding the permissibility of various products over the years. It is really encouraging to see that even children phone in to enquire the Halaal status of sweets.”

Catch Moulana Bilal Nicholson on the Sanha programme, Monday evenings between 7:30 and 8pm.

Listen to the latest programme here.

Listen to previous programmes here.

Note: Since the Halaal status of products and franchise groups are constantly changing due to change of ownership etc., do not use these podcasts as a reference but rather call the SANHA offices for the latest updates. The helpline number is 0861 786 111.


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