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Qari Ziyaad Patel Unpacks Al-Imdaad’s Trip to Wajir, Kenya

Jan 09, 2022
By Umamah Bakharia
Kenya has been described as the hope East Africa and has become a regional hub that promises growing development opportunities. However, poverty in Kenya is still a major issue with almost half the country living below poverty lines. The Al Imdaad Foundation has stepping in with aid to assist in Wajir, Kenya.
Al Imdaad’s trustee, Qari Ziyaad Patel speaks to Radio Islam on the humanitarian developments in Kenya.
Wajir, a province situated near the border of Somalia has been suffering from drought and heat. There has been a lack of rain in the area for approximately 3 years where most of the residents are farmers, it becomes difficult for them to create a living.
“Every water well in the area was completely dry,” says Qari Ziyaad Patel.
He adds, “unfortunately, only if there is a media hype then humanitarian organisations across the world respond.”
According to the Al- Imdaad organisation that are on the ground in Wajir, Kenya report that the people of the region are below poverty lines which is a possibility of a feminine crisis.
“The first time in my life, I saw a human being, skeleton covering skin and I was really really shocked,” says Qari Ziyaad.
The Al- Imdaad firstly gave emergency relief which is food aid and water. The organisation also organised water trucks to be taken into the various villages and restore some of the reservoirs in the areas.
“We are at the verge of a feminine crisis, I would have expected to see more humanitarian organisations and a more response in the region.”
In Wajir, there is a strong security presence where there is unrest and violence at every corner. The areas lacks infrastructure and administrative facilities which becomes difficult to navigate upon.
The United Nations released a report on the situation in Wajir as Al Jazeerah also reported a feminine crisis in the area to which the Al- Imdaad office in Kenya reacted very swiftly by going to evaluate the situation and then responded.
The Al- Imdaad’s response will continue for the people of Wajir.
“Africa is very oblivious to what is happening in Wajir,” says Qari Ziyaad.


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