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The Palestine Report: Palestinian hurt in alleged settler attack still in prison, settlers not questioned

Neelam Rahim –

4-minute read
20 September 2022
17:15 CAT

Another period of intensified settler storming of Masjidul-Aqsa is expected. Moulana Ebrahim Moosa told Radio Islam International that Palestinian officials and Ulamah are warning that the Israeli settler movement will use this time to cement changes to the non-existent Satisco at Masjidul-Aqsa.

Recently there has been a lot of focus on blowing the horn inside Masjidul-Aqsa. The horn recording was played via apps loudly inside Masjidul-Aqsa to erode the Status further and normalise this kind of practice inside Masjidul-Aqsa. Also brought are Jewish religious garments and artefacts.

Despite the injury nature of these provocations, the Israeli Prime Minister, at a security meeting last week, said that his cabinet has agreed to allow settlers to raid Masjidul-Aqsa during this period.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian man whose arms were broken by Israeli settlers is in prison and accused of being the villain.

According to Moulana Ebrahim, this is the story of Hafez Hureini, a Palestinian farmer in the Occupied West Bank. 

He said, working on his land when a bunch of Israeli settlers descended on him. Some with guns in their possession, M16 rifles and also carrying metal pipes, beating him and breaking one of his arms. They continued beating him in that state, resulting in them breaking both of his arms.

Adding, “In the middle of this, settlers were firing live rounds of ammunition into the air. The result of this is the family of Hafez Hureini were alerted and rushed to his assistance. The settlers dispersed a bit, but as soon as they dispersed, the Israeli army stepped in and followed orders of the Israeli settlers.”

After that, the Israeli settlers slashed the tires of the ambulance vehicle barricading the man from medical assistance. This followed the Israelis coming in with their ambulance and deciding to take Hafez Hureini under armed guard in the ambulance to an Israeli medical facility of their own.

“This is the bazaar state found in terms of Israeli apartheid. A man with two broken arms, beaten with metal pipes by gun wielding thugs, is somehow the villain and has been accused supposedly in this state with two broken arms attacking an Israeli settler and is being integrated and could face jail time.”

Listen below to the Palestine Report with Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat and Moulana Ebrahim Moosa on Radio Islam’s podcast.



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