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WhatsApp to Ban new Telegram Users for Lack of Loyalty

Jan 28, 2021

By Ejaz Khan (@ejaz_k)

After panic was caused by Teenagers and the old folks regarding WhatsApp’s latest update last month, people digitally migrated in their droves to Telegram.

However, The honeymoon period was shorter than a Proteas Batsman’s innings in Karachi.

Besides allowing dangerous people with nefarious intentions to know how close you are to them, people soon realized that things aren’t always greener on the other side.

“I didn’t leave WhatsApp for Telegram… I didn’t know how to…” – Ayesha (71)

“I just liked the smiley collection, it was better than WhatsApp” – Zeenat(16)

“I won’t go back to using Telegram, the last time I used it was in Fietas” – Zaheera (65)

This has seen a quiet return to WhatsApp for Millions. But WhatsApp has not yet forgiven the teens and grandparents and will be using their new found privacy invasion update to check if people still have the Telegram app on their phones.
If so, WhatsApp will automatically uninstall itself from your device, taking all your voice note lecture collections and Memes from your phones before exiting forever.

WhatsApp was asked to comment on the new developments, but sadly, they just blue ticked us.

It remains to be seen if Telegram will comment, but we are waiting at the post office for response.




* This article is purely humour based. No facts were used in the writing…


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