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Nana & Luqmann Ep 27 (Final)

By Mumtaz Moosa-Saley

The night before Eid, we all were glued to the radio, waiting to hear if the next day would be the Eid-ul-Fitr.

The doorbell sounded, and again everyone seemed oblivious to it, so I woke up slowly and answered the door.

My mouth fell open as I saw my grandchildren standing with luggage and huge smiles on their faces, before all hell broke loose as I heard “surprise” from them and from behind me. Suddenly, children hugged and kissed me, and I couldn’t help the tears of joy falling down my face.

After everybody had settled down, Ayesha explained that they wanted to surprise me, so she agreed when Mohammed talked about the family’s imminent visit. My daughter-in-law, her father and my three grandchildren, Ali, Humaira and Maryam, the newest addition, had arrived this afternoon via London. I was in seventh heaven as I sat with the oldest Ali at my feet and chubby Humaira on the couch next to me, and Maryam was cooing at me in my arms.

Just then, Nusaybah and Luqmaan began clapping and whooping as they heard the announcement being made that the moon had been sighted. The atmosphere was filled with joy, and everyone rejoiced.

We all lifted our hands in prayer as we thanked Allah for His blessed month, filled with mercy and for the day of Eid, which would be a day that I would cherish as I would have my entire family around me.

I explained to the children the significance of Eid eve, and soon Ayesha went into panic mode as she began ticking off her to-do list in her head, and almost like a drill sergeant, she started ordering us all around.

Moans were heard from all, but the camaraderie soon enveloped everyone, and once we returned from Esha salah, preparations for the next day began in earnest.

Amid the organised chaos, Mohammed brought out several gifts he passed out to everyone. A huge smile spread across Nusaybah’s face when she found that she had been gifted the iPhone that she had wished for. She looked over at me, grinning from ear to ear, “what is meant for you will reach you no matter what!” she said.

I watched my growing family laugh, rejoiced, and wished my beloved wife could have been with us. How quickly this blessed month of mercy was over. Al widdah, ya Ramadan, may we be granted another auspicious month in sha Allah.

Our Beloved Rasulullah said: “The person who stays awake on the nights preceding the two Eids occupying himself with worship, his heart will not die on the day when everyone’s heart will perish.” (His heart will not die during the time of evil and corruption). It could also mean that his soul will not become unconscious with the trumpet blowing. (Hadith – Ibn Majah)


  • Keep in mind the pleasure of Allah and always uphold Shari’ah.
  • Adorn yourself and your family modestly in the best garments (not necessarily new).
  • Avoid overeating and other festivities that have no benefit.
  • Visit the poor, needy, orphans, elderly and sick.
  • Should Eid be spent with family? This requires mutual consultation between spouses and families. Mashurah, or consultation, is a sunnah of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. Try to compromise and accommodate each other.
  • Maintain and strengthen family bonds- Rasulullah ﷺ is reported to have said, “Anyone who wishes to have his means of livelihood enlarged and a prolonged life, should treat his relatives with kindness.”
  • Don’t forget the oppressed, poor and needy Muslims in all parts of the world in your dua and ensure you have discharged your charity.
  • Be punctual with acts of worship on this joyous day.

Eid Mubarak to all. From the Radio Islam International team, Taqaballahu mina wa minkum.


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