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Sabreen’s Ramadhaan Diary Episode 4


By Mumtaz Saley

Today after iftaar my husband sat at the dinner table reciting Qur’an. Mohammed who usually dashes to get a moment to himself took out his surah book to learn for the week ahead. I sat there learning a simple verse from the Qur’an, my aim is to memorise with proper tajweed and to learn to read slower. I joined them and before I knew it Amina joined us with her book.

“Mummy, what are you learning?” Mohammed asked. Like many we learn verses of the Qur’an in school or at madrassa but over time and not reciting them often, we tend to forget. So I found that I had committed to relearning the Ayatul Kursi with proper pronunciation to memory. This, in turn, motivated Mohammed as he too began to spend more time reciting and learning his surahs.

I sat at the table, savouring the moment with my family lost in the words of prayer, glorifying our Creator or learning of His promises. At that moment I understood the meaning of contentment. Contentment that cannot be found in material worth or things but rather in finding Allah together. I silently asked Allah to keep us in that contentment always.

I also committed to making an effort to learn more, memorise more and to lead by example, as mothers should. It was a good way to instil in my children that it is never too late to learn and to never be ashamed to learn.

As we prepared for salaah, Amina asked to join in. As I gazed at her I prayed silently. Sincerely.

“Oh Allah, guide us so that we may guide our offspring, guide my children and always keep them on the straight path. Aameen”

I hugged her and told her that we would purchase a little prayer mat for her. A pink one, just for her. Her excitement was contagious and Mohammed asked if he could also choose a prayer mat for himself. My heart was happy, my soul was delighted as I prayed in thankfulness to Allah.

As my husband and Mohammed left for Taraweeh, Amina and I got ready to pray at home. She joined me but soon fell asleep. As I sat thanking Allah for his bounty bestowed on me, I took a moment to acknowledge that I may not have the time I need to pray during the day, but this month is not about quantity it’s about life-changing choice as no one knows if they will live to see the next Ramdhaan.

As a Muslim accepting that Allah has already written for us our choices, He too chooses for us to receive good, bad and importantly to change. My lesson today is to be open to change and do not resist it. Change begins in small steps – when you haven’t read a single salaah but your start with one, then two and before you know it you’re praying all five on time, every day. If you have started this month with a small goal, remember if you can do it for 30 days, I’m certain you can carry on doing it after. Yes the struggle is real but when you remind yourself that in life Allah tells you five times a day come to success, choosing the right path is one that has been chosen for you so acknowledge it and grab your success.



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